Optimize your Website for Maximum Conversion

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October 3, 2013
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November 3, 2013
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Optimize your Website for Maximum Conversion


How To Improve Conversion Rate of Your Website?

Conversion is the most concerning element of internet marketing. Basically conversion means that you need to convert website visitors into real customers. Often, there are some simple problems which decrease the conversion rate but if solved; they have a strong effect to raise the bottom line of your conversion rate at very minimal expense. So to achieve this, you have to adopt conversion optimization strategy which is also called conversion rate optimization. Given below are some key rules to optimize you website to achieve maximum conversion rate by adopting different techniques:

Optimizing Your Website For Maximum Conversion:

Optimization of landing page: Landing page should have genuine relevance, extreme value, and a specific action because it will be helpful for the visitors of landing page to easily understand your message.

Call To Action: CTA is considered as the most essential strategy and should be used with the precise color coding for extreme results. So the colors you use for CTA should be different as compared to the main page. Moreover, the label of CTA should be chosen mindfully because it also affects the visitors of your site.

Accessibility: Make access of your site possible and to maximum visitors. Because if a user find your site inaccessible, he will definitely go elsewhere and finally you will lose your potential sale. According to a survey, 5% of sale is only demolished due to inaccessibility.

Browsers: Make availability of you site at maximum browsers. It has been observed that most of the site designers focus on internet explorer and neglect the fact that there may also be some visitors who use other browsers. So at browser other than IE, you site will be fundamentally broken. And the site doesn’t work losses sale of an average of 15-20% of sale.

Be Bold: Bold the things that are to be frequently used by the customers. Most often on the site, the key terms for sale of the product like purchase, register, Ok, demands etc are just a rubbish, all this sort of stuff losses the attraction of customers.

Be clear and honest: Never let the customer to be confused or untrusting. Always be clear regarding all the circumstances. Like if any of your product is out of stock, just tell customers clearly.

Don’t waste the time: Asking for non relevant information results in lowering of conversion rate. You do not need their contact information, or to create an account because all this will not let him to buy a product from your site again. Just ask for necessary information and don’t waste the time.

Help customers to trust you: There are many users who are afraid of providing their security information, like credit card. Mention your address, display phone number for help, explain shipping procedure, and make the security verification logo precise and clearly visible. Doing all this will make you successful to achieve trust of your customers.

Be Memorable: Make it sure, even if user doesn’t purchase your product at the time, but you should stick into his/her mind by your product description and site visibility. This is the option that may bring your user back.

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